Neighborhood FAQs


 Q: What is Woodmoor like?

A: Woodmoor is a great neighborhood for a wide variety of people. Being a more established neighborhood, you will find the trees and common areas beautiful, well-established and enjoyed by the residents. Below are some of the common questions we get about Woodmoor.

Q: I hear Woodmoor has very strict covenants, is that true?

A: It is true that Woodmoor has covenants and they do enforce them, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Having protection that your neighbor doesn't leave his RV parked in his driveway for months, paint his house purple or have his dogs bark all night long adds a lot to your property values. The Covenants, Rules and Regulations, Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are all included in this website for you to read. Once you read them, we are sure that you will find them within reason and targeted to protect your property values.

Q: I see a police-type vehicle driving around, who are they?

A: Woodmoor's HOA dues partially go toward 24/7 security support by the Woodmoor Public Safety (WPS). WPS officers are highly trained, weapon-carrying officers who patrol the neighborhood day and night and respond to calls from residents. In addition, they provide support to area agencies such as Monument Police, TriLakes Fire Authority and the El Paso Country Sheriff in cases of car accidents and serious crimes in the area. Many times, when summoned, they are the first to arrive at the scene to provide assistance.

Q: Can Woodmoor Public Safety give me a speeding ticket?

A: No, WPS will not issue traffic ticket violations. The focus of WPS is safety for the residents. They will respond to resident calls of suspicious people in the neighborhood, possible burglaries, loose and aggressive dogs and even perform vacation checks while you are away. More often than not, they will arrive within minutes to your residence whereby it would normally take other agencies far longer to respond to these types of incidents.

Q: How much are the association fees?

A:The association fees for 2010 were $209 per year. For 2011, the association fees were $215 per year.

Q: What do the association fees pay for?

A:The association fees go toward a wide variety of amenities for this neighborhood. Some of them include, support of the Woodmoor Public Safety service, maintenance of the 100+ acres of common areas including stocking of the ponds with fish, free tree evaluations for diseased and overly dense trees, support the Woodmoor Improvement Association staff and offices available to residents M-F 8-5, maintenance and discounted rates for the Barn Community Center among others.

Q: Do I have to be a Woodmoor resident to use the Barn facilities?

A: No, non-Woodmoor residents are able to reserve and utilize the Barn facilities. There is a reduction in hourly charge for the facility for residents of Woodmoor.

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